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Slimming & Reducing Gel

Slimming & Reducing Gel
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The Bikini23 Slimming & Reducing Gel is the perfect product that can be applied in specific a area to burn fat accumulation helping in this way to reduce your corporal measurements. The product is a proprietary blend of menthol and camphor ,that cause a cooling procession to the treated area to reduce fat accumulation, improve circulation and generate a lymphatic drainage in conjunction with the ivy extracts and focus. This cold Gel helps achieve a flat belly helping eliminate accumulated fat, increases skin oxygenation and stimulates circulation. Can be applied anywhere you want to lose inches!


  • Fights Cellulite
  • Improves Micro Circulation
  • Eases Fat Cell Breakage
  • Reduces Fat Reserves
  • Helps Improve Skin Tone
  • Eliminates the accumulated Fat

Apply once daily for noticeable results in 30 days or less!

Slimming & Reducing Gel