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8 Small Lifestyle Changes To Lose Your Weight

Well, you must have heard the saying, “prevention is better than cure”. It’s as if the saying was made specifically for weight loss. After all, changing and improving a few things in your everyday routine can make you lose those extra pounds.

Check out 15 teeny tiny lifestyle changes to find a slimmer you:

Lift weights to lose weight

Well, not every one of you has time to visit a gym daily. So what you can do is find out number of other ways to lose weight and one such thing is lifting heavy weights. 

Perhaps, lifting weight will help burn your fat and shed those extra calories. Remember, doing something to lose weight is much better than doing nothing.

Fall to salads

Veggies not only stuff you with fewer calories as compared to other meal options, but also offer you superb fiber content.

However, there’s only one caveat: never top your leafy salads with buttermilk dressings, oily flavorings and fried chicken. You’ll not lose any calories if you follow the suit.

Harp on white, black or green tea

This is something you’ll all be aware of. While there are multiple advantages of drinking tea, the actual study shows that people who drink tea made of real tea leaves own low body mass indexes or BMI and lesser fat.

Fix upon stairs not elevator

It’s quite easy to walk out of your office and pick up an elevator ride rather than sweating the fluids out on staircase, but it’s totally worth it.

Indeed, 2 to 3 minutes of serious stair climbing everyday can blast off sufficient calories to shed average weight rise of 1 to 2 pounds every year.

Take your lunch along

You’re working is not really an excuse to gobble up those oily burgers and hot dogs daily. Taking your lunch along will not only count your calories but you’ll also save big on cash as well.

Rather than paying $12 every time and sloshing a good amount of calories, fat & sodium, you can just prepare lunch at home and tighten your belt while stepping up your savings.

Laugh to your heart’s content

Well, not precisely, but a study shows laughing to your heart’s content for about 10-15 minutes every day can potentially burn 10-40 calories a day.

So, stick to a laughing schedule for a year and lose sizeable calories.

Get enough sleep

Working for long hours is certainly a part of your daily grind, but you should also ensure that you go to bed at the right time.

According to a research by Pennsylvania University, a crew of “sleep-deprived” people gained approximately three pounds in only 11 days vs. a “well rested” group. 

Drink lots of water

Drinking water is the key to losing weight. Indeed 30-59% US people increase their water intake during fitness regimens to reduce their weight. However, don’t drink water all the time.

Instead of drinking water in-between meals take it before meals as it reduces your appetite by making your stomach seem fuller.

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